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DSL Internet service in Nevada is a viable and affordable alternative to cable broadband Internet and agonizingly slow dialup service. Although Nevada DSL is an older type of Internet service option that cable and satellite access, it can be more than twenty times as fast as dialup Internet service. DSL service has some distinct advantages over Nevada cable and satellite broadband Internet service that you may not be completely aware of.

Nevada DSL is always on

One of the things that early adopters of NV DSL Internet service said they liked the most about it, besides the speed it offered, is the fact that they no longer had to put up with the annoying connection tones of modems. They also liked the fact that the connection was there as soon as they booted their computers and no waiting was required to get online.

DSL installation is easy for Nevada residents

Cheap DSL service is delivered to your home through existing phone lines. This means that nearly every single house in Nevada that is has wired telephone service can now have the benefits high speed Internet in NV. Also, since the service is delivered through the existing phone wires in your home. All you need in order to get the service is a couple of splitters or filters and a DSL modem. There’s no need for a tech to come to your house and run wires all over the place or even stick a satellite on the roof.

DSL Internet Service is Available Almost Everywhere in NV

Laying cables is an expensive process. However, phone lines are generally laid down everywhere in Nevada. This means that in many rural areas where houses and communities are spread far and wide, cable Internet service isn’t available. This leaves rural residents of Nevada with three options:

  • Slow dialup
  • Unreliable rural wireless Internet
  • Affordable DSL Internet service

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Bundling allows you to get the best of your Nevada Internet

The best provider of affordable DSL service in Nevada also offers satellite TV and phone service, allowing you the convenience of paying for everything at one time. This is one of the best ways to help control costs in these difficult economic times. DSL and satellite TV service are normally much less expensive than cable TV and Internet service. They have also historically had prices that have stayed more stable for Nevada residents.

One of the biggest complaints that Nevada cable customers have had over the past few years has been a combination of the higher prices demanded by providers as well as the fact that these prices have been known to increase once or twice per year.

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