Home phone service: saving you money and giving you peace of mind

In an age where everyone seems to be connected to the world via cell phone, the idea of keeping your land line might seem a bit outdated. But, the truth is it’s still smart to keep an affordable home phone service for a variety of reasons.

Home phones give you reliability

Keeping a low cost home phone line can be a great alternative to your cell phone. You probably know all too well that how easy it is to break or lose a cell phone, or find yourself stuck in a basement or room with no poor service or no cell service at all. If emergencies arise, you want to make sure you’re reachable, no matter the circumstances, making a home phone service indispensable. Furthermore, you never have to worry about the battery running out on your discount home phone.

Security is built in with home phone service

Many people are nervous about giving out personal information, including social security and credit card numbers, over a cell phone. Why? Cell phone signals are easily picked up via radio scanners, or lines can become crossed inadvertently. But breaking into a corded home phone line conversation is much more complicated, making it your safest bet for over the phone transactions.

Land-line phones provide privacy

Leaking your secure information over an unsecured phone line is bad enough, but what about all that other aspects of your life you don’t want to share with the world? Keeping your home phone service will ensure allcommunications remain private. Furthermore, there are just some matters you don’t want to discuss on a cell phone in public. Having the option to speak privately, confidentially, and securely on an ‘always on’ home phone line in the comfort of your own living room should be a point to consider before ruling our home phone service.

Home phone can be easier on your wallet

Cell phone plans aren’t cheap. You know this all too well if you have ever gone over your allotted monthly minutes. Factor the cost of texting, roaming charges, and smart phone data plans, and you could be shelling out $200 a month, possibly more. A more cost-effective alternative to using your cell phone for every call would be to sign up for an affordable home phone plan, leaving you free to reduce your minutes with your cell phone provider, which could lead to substantial savings on your monthly cell phone bill.

DSL and Home Phone Bundles

Another way to save some cash is to investigate Internet and home phone bundles with your Internet provider. DSL high speed Internet connections require a phone line, even if you’re only using the line for your Internet service. Adding a land line will almost always save you money on your Internet connection, and will save you money in the long run. Many Internet providers will offer you a substantial savings by combining services, like Internet, phone, and TV. Additionally, by bundling, services that would normally come as separate bills can be combined into one, easy bill, which allows you to make your busy life a little less complicated. Some providers also offer other perks when you bundle services, such as free equipment and merchandise.

The upshot? Internet and home phone bundles could result in you saving a bundle of money. Call the number on this site for information regarding bundling affordable DSL and home phone services