DSL provider Deals You Won’t Want to Miss

You rely on your Internet connection to get you through your day, so you want the best Internet service for your budget. To have the best Internet connection doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar. DSL provider deals are great for anyone looking for a reliably fast connection for an affordable price.

Our featured provider’s DSL is more than just a high-speed DSL connection. It’s pure broadband DSL Internet. That means that our provider is dedicated to your Internet service, offering nothing but the purest and fastest DSL service they can.

DSL Provider DSL: covering your bases

You need online access for work and for play. DSL provider DSL gives you the speed and the tools you need to get your work done so that you can play online.

DSL Provider deals on Internet offer speeds up to 40Mbps in some areas. With a fast and reliable DSL Internet connection, you can get everything you need:

  • News headlines and personal emails in one convenient location. DSL users customize their own homepage, so when you log online you see exactly what you want. Access sports scores, news headlines and more just by logging into your browser.
  • Make your laptop screen a TV screen. Through our DSL provider, you get access to major networks and primetime TV shows. Don’t stress about needing to get in front of the TV at a certain time. Use your laptop on your time to watch TV online.
  • Technical support when you need it. Computer viruses don’t take any time off, which is why you can get our DSL provider’s technical support 24/7.

Our DSL Provider’s DSL is a fast, smart and convenient Internet service, but it isn’t the only service that our featured provider does a great job of providing.

DSL Provider home phone: compliment your DSL service

A home phone gets a bad reputation for being irrelevant, but a DSL Provider home phone is just the opposite. Reliable, functional and convenient, a DSL Provider covers the bases that your cellphone might not – and then some.
A home phone adds an extra level of reliability that not all cellphone carriers can offer.

Reliability that is paramount if you lose your cellphone or phone charger, if you have a home security system, small children or visitors in and out of the house. Take the uncertainty out of the equation when you add home phone to DSL Provider bundles.

DSL Provider home phone features

When you add our DSL Provider home phone to a bundle, you can then enhance your service with some great home phone features.

  • Call Rejection. One of the biggest advantages of having a DSL Provider home phone is having the option to reject calls from unwanted callers, like telemarketers.
  • Call Forwarding. When you’re out of the house, you don’t want to miss any important incoming calls. DSL Provider home phone has a feature where a different phone number of your choosing receives calls when you’re on the go.
  • Call Waiting. When it rains it pours, and sometimes when you get one phone call they just keep coming. Call Waiting makes it easy to juggle multiple phone calls, alerting you when you receive an incoming call while already on the phone. You can choose to answer, or send that call to Voice Mail.

DSL Provider home phone features are just add-ons to the already convenient home phone plans available. The different home phone plans range from Unlimited Local Calling for a basic plan to Unlimited Nationwide Calling. Simply choose the plan that suits your needs best.

If you have a lot of out of town friends and family, a plan with Unlimited Nationwide Calling would fit you great. The opposite is also true – if the people you talk to everyday live close by, local calling would cover your needs.