Finding Affordable Internet Service

Finding affordable Internet service can be a challenge. It’s the classic fight between money and time. You want a service that doesn’t cost a fortune, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting for pages to load. All those 15 and 30 second waits can really add up. Here are a few things to consider:

High Speed DSL service

DSL Internet service is one of the best services offered by many telephone companies today. DSL offers much higher load speeds than dial up service and allows you to use your telephone while surfing the Internet.

DSL is also extremely affordable. In some cases, it can be just as cheap as a dial up connection, without all of the waiting and frustration. DSL is a natural choice for individuals who value high speed internet, but don’t want to pay a premium for services that they won’t need, such as the ones that come with some cable package.

Dial up Internet Service


Yes, some folks still use dial-up. It’s affordable and available virtually anywhere there’s a phone line. However, almost all of today’s special effects, such as streaming videos and some games, won’t work with dial up access.

This is why many individuals who are connecting to the Internet via dial up are upgrading to services like DSL. It seems that in today’s modern world that Dial-up services just won’t make the cut.

Cable Internet service

Cable service uses coaxial cable lines to transmit data rather than telephone lines, but works similarly to DSL service with similar load times. In some areas, cable internet can be both more expensive and slower, especially during peak browsing hours. This is because with a cable connection you share your bandwidth with your neighborhood before connection to the Hub. This can result in bottlenecking your data and added frustration.

Free Internet providers.

There are still free Internet providers available. This is of course if you can hang out at a local coffee shop, public building or restaurants that offer free wireless Internet access. This of course is not a great way to connect with family or friend over, but it provides one of the last ‘free’ ways to use the internet. Many students, who are on the go and with study habits that are open to work in different locations, are accustomed to this way of getting internet service.

Other options

If you live in areas without DSL or cable service your high-speed Internet options are more limited. Of course, you can use dial up if you have a telephone line, but for faster service, you’ll need satellite Internet service. Unlike land-based ISPs, satellite communications are received via a dish attached to your house.

Find the high speed internet that fits your budget

You can navigate through this site to find more information on affordable internet options. Keep in mind that bundling phone and Internet can save you money and frustration, and can reduce the cost of your high speed Internet.

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